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  1. The issue of Partial Refund and Total Refund are available when the food is delayed, wrong items are provided, or system failure happens with the third party. Please inform restaurant when you have a situation with "Website Online Order." Remember, please keep your receipts when you ask for a refund; 

  2. When the wrong items are provided or system failures happen with the third party, we could offer... 

         1) Prepare modified food and deliver to the customer if it were possible;

         2) Or promise credits for the next time;

   3. Please inform restaurant and keep your receipt as well If Extra Charge happens by accident.


  1. Not offer personal restaurant delivery to customer only if specific situations were happen such as wrong items are provided, delayed order, or the third party likely DoorDash/GrubHub system failure;

  2. Delivery tunnels are GrubHub and DoorDash.



  1. No charge when removing or switching ingredients under the specific situations;

  2. Additional charges would happen when customer is asking for additional ingredients. Please call restaurant if you have any concerns;

  3. Please not hesitate to inform restaurant staff if you have allergy issues or special requests​.

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